2 Free Certificates


2 Free Certificates


Here are two free example certificates that show the clarity and print quality of our work. We have many hundreds more available to our members. Just look below! Notice how, when clicked, the certificate launches a new window and the appropriate software ie Microsoft Word.

Single Traditional Certificate
Multi Modern Certificate

red-main-multi-certificates-teplates main-multi-certificates-teplates

All text fields of the Microsoft Word certificates are editable. Simply select the ‘Your Award Choice’ text and type in the name of your certificate e.g. Achievement Award. then ‘tab’ between the other fields to edit them.

You’re done you can then print the certificate by Selecting File > Print at the top menu.

If you want to save the certificate choose File > Save As and then save it to your computer as either a ‘word document’ or ‘word template’.

A word template acts as an original copy from which new word documents can be made and edited without affecting the original.

Like to see other examples of certificates within the site? Click Here.









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