Birth Certificate Blank Templates


Birth Certificate Blank Templates


History of Birth Certificate:

Unlike the popular belief, recording as well as documentation of a birth is an ancient practice. This practice, in early times was most popular in countries of Egypt, Rome, China, Persia as well as Greece. This Birth certificate in early times was for deciding amount of tax imposed on a particular family. Another purpose, which this credential used to fulfill, was increasing the probable number of work force of a military of respective country.

Process of this observation is also there in 19th century. In that period, this recording took place in churches of that area. However, later on it became compulsory to that citation handling of every birth, will be responsibility of government-regulated agencies. It first started in the year of 1853 in United Kingdom.

Describing that what is Birth Certificate and its respective requirements, there are bills as well as decrees in a number of countries. According to these decrees, task of citation lays on respective child’s mother, midwife, and administrator of hospital or physician. In addition, it is their responsibility, to oversee that conduction of this process takes place only in a credible government-regulated agency.

These government-regulated agency stores every original document of these births. If in want for any benefit of government, these government-regulated agencies give only the certified replica of original to their respective owners. One example of such advantage is a passport. All these documents have the sign of a government-commissioned custodian as well as registrar.

The Birth Certificate Legal Framework:

According to India’s legal framework, only a period of 21 days is given to parents or hospital administrators of the concerned child for his birth registration. This is compulsory for Indian citizen, under Birth & Deaths Act, 1969 law. Completion of this process takes place in the respective citizen’s state government. Our Indian government has taken full care that no citizen faces any kind of problems while registering of their child’s birth.

In each level there are agencies issued for these registrations. If citizen is a village-dweller, district registrars are therein that respective area. Similarly, Registrars and Chief registrars are also provided in both centre and state level for all these citations. Even on periphery, Indian government has provided registrars on town level.

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