Certificate of Recognition Templates


Certificate of Recognition Templates


Certificate of Recognition Template

Let’s face it, being recognized feels good because we know that others have seen how hard we work, how smart we are, and how much we care about our work and daily efforts. Certificates of Completion provides an easy and simple way to create a Certificate of Recognition. Corporate and educational organizations use the Certificate of Completion online system to easily create their own certificates of recognition to reward employees and students who benefit from a feeling of appreciation and being rewarded for their efforts.


Children also benefit from the Certificate of Completion rewards as they learn that hard work has fun consequences. Use our examples of certificates of recognition, certificate of recognition templates, and sample certificates of recognition found online.

Our certificates recognition templates come in different categories, including Corporate, Education, Musical, Sports, and Special Awards. See our examples, samples, and templates as well as Certificate of Recognition examples that you can create and edit online.

Examples of Certificates of Recognition

At Certificate of Completion, we know that children, students, and employees find it helpful to know that their hard work is being recognized, even on a very simple level. So our designers have created a number of examples, samples, and templates as examples of certificates of recognition to give you ideas on how to show your appreciation and reward someone. Our certificate of recognition templates are meant to help you express your appreciation and recognize your child’s, student’s and employees hard work.

Our sample certificates of recognition are formatted with fun in mind, they come in black and white, color, and seasonal designs for your enjoyment. A certificate recognition template can easily be changed to your exact organization requirements, within a matter of minutes. See our examples, samples, and templates to help you create a reward program that can transform how your school, college, or company functions. Positive reinforcement can lead to your children, students, and employees to feel appreciated and motivated to always do their best.


Our certificate of recognition examples help you create your own best designs. If you prefer, you can request a template to be designed on your behalf, and we will happily create certificates of recognition as per your specifications.

Sample Certificates of Recognition


Certificate of Completion has fun in mind. We are a positive group of designers who love to put a smile on people’s faces. We know that a positive attitude in school, at home and work can make a big difference in the way you perform your daily duties. Having a reason to do things in the best way, and to the best of your abilities gives you something for which to aim. At Certificate of Completion, we aim to please, and all of our clients have loved our certificate designs, as you can see from our examples, samples, and templates.

Certificate of Completion loves to make people smile because we know that it is the easiest, simplest, and best way to feel good. When your children, family, and friends feel good about themselves, they in turn want to do their best to make you happy.

The same goes for students in your charge, as a teacher or school administrator, and employees at your organization. You can browse through our examples of certificates of recognition, certificate of recognition templates, and sample certificates of recognition to decide on a theme for a reward and recognition program at your organization.

Certificates Recognition Template

Certificates of Completion are great for those little moments in life to acknowledge that people, like the little girl in the video, have accomplished something. Certificates work better with kids than adults because kids feel that they mean something.

Certificate of Recognition Example

See our examples, samples, and templates for more ideas about how you can create certificates of recognition for your family, friends and loved ones.














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