Customize Gift Certificate vouchers


Customize Gift Certificate vouchers


A gift certificate template allows a business to customize vouchers that they can award or sell to their customers. The templates are also useful for individuals who want to personalize gift certificates as a placeholder for intangible gifts – backrubs, breakfast in bed, and lawn mowing, for example.



Free certificate template? Check out these two great printable gift certificate templates that you can download and print instantly!

Certificates are versatile and available on demand

Printable gift certificates are gift certificate templates that you can design and then print immediately. The great thing about that is that they’re versatile and available on demand. Another great feature is that they’re typically inexpensive. In fact, there are countless free certificate templates available online, and even a pay-for gift certificate template is not very expensive.

Examples Image Certificate Templates








The most difficult aspect of choosing a free gift certificate template is the sheer amount of choice. There are hundreds of websites out there catering to free certificate templates that all look like they host the same collection.

So for starters, avoid the generic websites, or else you’ll find yourself perusing that same collection of gift certificate templates several times over.

Here’s a list of several great websites that provide gift certificate templates:
• Giftcard Designer – Great looking templates with online template editor
• Microsoft Office Templates – An excellent selection of professional templates for use within Office
• Vertex42 – A versatile selection for Open Office; All templates can be used in Word too

If you need more choices, try Google, and consider the following tips:

1. Some of the best websites for a free gift certificate template sell printable gift certificates too.

Online services that sell their own printable gift certificates have their own product. Sure, there might be some duplication, but for the most part, you’ll know that you’re looking at is original work. The other advantage is that you’ll get to see what’s available to paying customers. You might decide you want that, or if you ever decide to switch a template to pay-for – to add ID numbers, for instance – the transition will be seamless.

2. Some of the best websites have a free gift certificate template editor.

Many websites simply provide images. You can edit those images in a paint program, or you can download them and fill them out by hand. However, the better websites have an online tool that allows you to edit the gift certificate template right on their site. The alternative to this are the free certificate templates designed for programs like Microsoft Office.

3. The best websites for printable gift certificates let you save.

This tip is important! The better sites have a mechanism in place that allows you to save the gift certificate templates for later printing or ordering. They typically provide more space for paying customers, but they usually allow free users to save a free gift certificate template or two. You might think you’ll never need it again, but if you decide later to make a change, you’ll have to start from scratch if you didn’t save.



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