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Many people are familiar with Certificates of Deposits (CDs). There are plenty of ads for best certificates of deposit or high-interest-rate certificates of deposit.

You cannot walk into a bank without seeing ads for best bank CD rates. There are many different types of highest and best certificates of deposit rates. Banks certificates of deposit are different for each bank. Bank CD rates differ for different certificates of deposit maturities and amount of investment. That is why when shopping for fixed-income investments, be sure to compare rates on certificates of deposit thoroughly.

Banks certificates of deposit are the most common type of certificates of deposit. People usually see an advertisement for a ‘high’ bank CD rates all the time when they visit their bank, just drive past one, or even when they visit their local grocery store with a bank inside.






Naturally, many people already have money sitting in the local bank in their checking or savings accounts with low interests. So, it makes sense to put them in a higher interest bearing accounts or investment like a Certificate of deposit. Although the idea of investing in a certificate of deposit is sound, there are many questions about certificates of deposit that should be answered before you invest.

But, what most people don’t do is treat the certificates of deposit they purchase at the local bank like an investment, which a certificate of deposit clearly is. Many people think of certificates of deposit are as “just a savings account that’s harder to get my money out of when I need it, but it pays higher interest…” The Banks want you to think of certificates of deposit that way because it makes them money.

People usually ‘shop around’ for best interest or investment rates and do some research before they invest in something like a stock, bond or mutual fund. So, why not with certificates of deposit? After all certificates of deposit are a type of investment. Certificates of deposit yield interest like a bond would. Why are most people picky about what bonds they invest in but would not give much thoughts when it comes to investing in certificates of deposit?

One reason would be because certificates of deposit are supposed to be purchased for a short period of time. Certificates of deposit investors usually feel like their certificates of deposit will mature soon and they can THEN decide what to do with the money next. However, the majority of people don’t decide after the 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or however long their certificates of deposit terms are. Most people just renew whatever certificates of deposit they have for a long long time.







This Certificates of Deposit website is an informational website only. Please consult your attorney or financial consultant when buying a certificate of deposit for your specific financial situation.



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