Uses for Gift Certificate Templates


Uses for Gift Certificate Templates


Thinking about purchasing a printable gift certificate?

Gift certificate templates allow businesses and even individuals to design their own gift certificates, which the service can then mail to them. Printable gift certificates are similar with the added benefit of being immediately available. All one needs is a computer and a printer. Let’s look at some popular uses for free certificate templates.

Click on one of the printable gift certificates below to download in ms word. You can them print out and customize your own gift certificate template. Use these instructions and imges below of formatted new Printable Certificates.

1. Give it to customers as a gift or reward.

A free gift certificate template is an excellent way to reward loyal customers without additional expenses. The gift certificate template helps to improve the relationship between the business and the customer, and it provides the business with a gateway to add that customer to their mailing or emailing list.




manicure gift voucher color-template




2. Sell it to customers for gift-giving purposes.

Gift cards are one of the most popular holiday gifts these days, but most websites and small businesses can’t afford these programs. That doesn’t mean they can’t be involved. Gift certificate templates are an excellent alternative. They’re also interesting and seem less impersonal than a gift card.

3. Use it as an excellent form of advertisement.

A well-designed free gift certificate template is also an excellent form of advertisement. When the person opens that present, that gift certificate template is going to seize attention because it’s unusual. Those people will have lasting memories, and they’ll associate that memory with your business name.

4. Use them to give intangible gifts to loved ones.

The giving of special, intangible gifts has a rich tradition that embodies the holiday spirit in ways that material gifts cannot. A great way to give these gifts is with free certificate templates. You get to personalize them specifically for your loved one, and it doesn’t cost you anything other the ink and paper.

5. Hand them out at work or school as a motivational strategy.

Another great use for free certificate templates is for a teacher or boss to use them as part of a motivational program. A child could redeem his or her gift certificate template for a free book at the book sale, or someone in the office could redeem it for a double lunch hour.

6. Provide visitors with a printable gift certificates service.

In those last two reasons, we discussed why a non-business might want to use gift certificate templates. Now, what if could use that to your advantage?

Your website could provide those individuals with free or even paid printable gift certificates. A free gift certificate template is sure to drive a lot of additional traffic to your website during the holidays.